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Monthly Topics - August

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Career Education

The sooner young people begin to consider their options, the better prepared they will be for a successful career. For students whose backgrounds don’t provide a rich variety of role models and opportunities, an early start is even more critical. At that stage, the focus needs to be on self-knowledge—such as recognizing their own personality and appreciating what that means in terms of work. However, it does not end there. There’s a lot involved in from finding out what their dream job is and getting there:

  • Job-Hunting
  • Resume Writing
  • Education/Training Required
  • Interviews
  • Competency Skills
  • Business Ethics and Etiquette
  • Communication Skills


Human Relations Media offers a wide selection of video-based educational resources for just about every facet of career education.

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Language Arts

Language Arts are an important part of the curriculum. They help your students’ communication skills, both spoken and written, as well as allow them to be creative and think logically.

Using a video-based resource or clue-filled print material you can get your students motivated into learning the skills they need to become effective communicators. By making Language Arts “come alive” reinforcing skills like parts or speech, vocabulary or reading comprehension seems intriguing and not such a rote task.

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Learning math skills are often disconnected from other subjects prompting students to complain and wonder “What will I ever use this for?” Human Relations Media has come up with fun and intriguing programs that are based on NCTM Standards, connecting math to the world outside the classroom and incorporating problem-solving, reading and communication all in an intriguing manner. Each engaging and motivating program provides excellent review and practice.

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