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Monthly Topics - June

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Effective Communication Month

Being able to communicate effectively—on the job, at school, with friends, parents or peers—is one of life’s most important skills. Too often, teens have problems in their relationships because they are not able to clearly express their ideas, meanings and intentions. Others stumble with interpersonal relationships as a result of peers who interrupt, insult or don’t use active listening skills. Effective Communication Month provides you with a chance to review many aspects that are crucial for good communication: assertiveness, “I” statements, respectful disagreement, active listening and the ability to clarify difficult emotions that often get in the way of clear dialogue.

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National Internet Safety Month

There's no doubt that this generation is plugged in when it comes to the Internet. Whether they are surfing the Web or texting their friends, today’s teens represent one of the largest group of internet users worldwide. Along with the freedom to surf, however, come several dangers-giving out personal information, falling prey to sexual predators, having their identity stolen, being stalked or bullied online (also called “textual harassment”) and more. The recent rise in “sexting”-the practice of sending naked photos of oneself to friends-points to the great need for youth to learn the rules of the web in order to enjoy its benefits without putting themselves in compromising situations. National Internet Safety Month is the perfect opportunity to remind students of the netiquette they need to be safe.

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