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May is National Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month!

Posted on April 17th 2013

Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month


May is National Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month and May 1st is the annual Day to Prevent Teen Pregnancy


Teen Pregnancy Prevention Month is sponsored by Advocates for Youth, an organization that, "...champions efforts to help young people make informed and responsible decisions about their reproductive and sexual health."  The organization follows a mantra set by 3 words: rights, respect, & responsibility:


RIGHTS: Youth have the right to accurate and complete sexual health information, confidential reproductive and sexual health services, and a secure stake in the future.

RESPECT: Youth deserve respect. Valuing young people means involving them in the design, implementation and evaluation of programs and policies that affect their health and well-being.

RESPONSIBILITY: Society has the responsibility to provide young people with the tools they need to safeguard their sexual health, and young people have the responsibility to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs), including HIV.


What You Can Do:


Start a conversation in your classroom about sexual health and reproductive health, including teen pregnancy.  Here are some questions to get the conversation going:

- How do television shows like MTV's "Teen Mom" inform young people about teen pregnancy and parenthood?

- As a kid, how were you first introduced to the concept of pregnancy?  

- Do you plan to have a family one day?  Under what circumstances do you envision having a family?


HRM Video offers variety of films about this topic. Check out the full list by clicking here, or see some selected titles below:

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